Save Energy Without Sacrificing Customer Experience With Intelligent Energy Management Solutions

Many hoteliers immediately fall in awe of the 50 percent that energy management solutions are reported to take off of electricity costs, without considering the repercussions. Truth be told, this rate of savings is not that hard to achieve with the proper HVAC and lighting controls. The question is, at what cost is the hotel willing to get it?

When profits are at stake, it’s easy to forget that the hotel should be the one to cater to the guests and not the other way around. Hotel managers should remember that some scenarios might call for slightly less energy saving measures to ensure that the customer experience is preserved and even enhanced.

Despite how some guests can appreciate a hotel’s efforts to save the environment, others won’t want to have to worry about waiting twenty minutes for the temperature to reach its desired setting, while others will still want to be able to safely charge their electronic devices while they’re away for the day.

Establishments with intelligent energy and lighting controls don’t have to sacrifice their guests’ comfort and convenience for the sake of their energy management efforts. An intelligent system can enrich the guest’s experience rather than detracting from it by allowing room preferences to be pre-prepared by the back-office in anticipation of valued guests.

Some elements that can be integrated into a back-office system include motorized draperies or shades, light dimmers and even electrical sockets that can be deactivated when management decides that some appliances don’t need to be usable at certain times. Other sockets can be left ‘hot’ throughout a guest’s entire stay in order to ensure that guests don’t come back to their rooms to find that their laptop or cell phones haven’t been charged despite being left plugged in.

From a single LCD panel, guests and hotel staff can adjust the lighting levels, control the HVAC system, activate the motorized drapes, or set these all on energy saving mode. From the same panel, guests can also call for housekeeping or opt to specify a ‘do not disturb’ privacy status for their room. In some cases, the panel itself can be customized with different languages, fonts, colors, backlight brightness and more.

Today’s energy management solutions are designed to give hotel managers options without taking away luxuries. Sometimes, these options are the basis for a compromise between savings and service. Rather than being fixated on an abstract number of 50 percent, it takes a healthy amount of foresight to realize that 30 to 40 percent in energy savings is still well worth the investment.

Solar Energy Options That You Can Install in Your Home – Go Green With Solar Energy!

As you may know, the energy resources in this world are slowly depleting. We must start using energy that is abundant and available on a day to day basis. Solar energy is a great resource; it is cheap and it helps the environment. However, most people believe that installing a solar energy solution in their homes will be too costly; this is not the case at all. As a result, they decide to stick with their regular electricity. If you install a solar power solution in your home you will not only be able to cut down on your energy bill, but you will also be saving the environment from pollution.

The following article will discuss the different types of solar energy options that you can install in your home.

Solar home lighting: This system takes in solar energy and converts it to electricity to power your home. The solar panels contain cells which charge with energy when exposed to sunlight. These cells stay charges, saving energy, so at night time you will still be able to light your house. If you install this system in your home, electricity bills will be a thing of the past.

Solar heating system: If you install a solar heating system in your household, you will save a fortune on heating bills in the winter. Yes you will have a cool high-tech gadget in your house, but that is not a bad thing. It may be an expensive cost initially, but after three or four years you will not be paying anything for heating. How can you beat that?

Expanding Foam Insulation Is an Energy Efficient Solution

As energy prices are rising, insulating your home has never been more important. The use of insulation will help to lower your energy bills while also protecting the environment. Many home owners are turning to expanding foam insulation as it is less expensive than foam board. Expanding foams molds itself to the area being treated which ensures that your home has complete protection. Even the tiniest seams and cracks are sealed when this product is used. Large jobs may require a contractor be called in, but small ones can be handled by anyone who can use simple tools.

One product you may wish to try is Dow Chemical Co. 298141 Great Stuff Pro Gaps & Cracks Professional Applicator Foam. This product seals, fills and insulates any gap that is three inches or less. The expanding foam insulation is tack free in six minutes and the trimming process can be completed in 30 minutes making this product quick and easy to use. Many expanding foam products can only be used within a small temperature range. This is not the case here. Great Stuff Pro Gaps & Cracks Professional Applicator Foam can be used when temperatures are between 25 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Consumers give this product an average of five stars.

In order to use the above expanding foam insulation, a dispenser will need to be purchased. A great choice is the Pro 13 Dispensing Gun, also manufactured by Dow Chemical. Customers give this four stars out of five as it allow for precision when filling a gap. The extended barrel is great for those hard to reach places and you have control over the size of the bead that is dispensed. This gun is designed in a manner that prevents drips after dispensing so it is re-startable for a 30 day period.

If you have a small area to be filled, such as a light fixture or electrical outlet, Touch ‘n Foam 4001031212 MaxFill Maximum Expanding Sealant may be a better option. Rated three stars by consumers, this product does not require the purchase of a separate dispenser. Designed to fill large holes and gaps, this expanding foam insulation forms an airtight seal to save you money on your energy bills. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, the insulation may be painted and sanded once dry. Eliminate air leaks throughout your home with the help of one 12-ounce can. Pests and insects will no longer be able to enter your home either. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.