Free Energy Options Review – DIY Solar Power Solutions

Utility businesses have had consumers blind sighted for years, even so, mechanical engineer Alan Hopkins has released industry secrets designed to help you replicate the very solar and wind powered generators that power millions of homes across America — but for a significant fraction of the price. He put this information into a DIY energy kit called Free Energy Options.

If you have been seeking a way that permits you to completely get rid of your energy bills and start generating your personal energy for little to no cost, the Free Energy Options kit is the one tool you need in your arsenal.

Product Overview

Free Energy Options provides a start to finish guide on the way to create your own solar and wind powered generators that can reside safely in your personal backyard, without the hefty price tag. In fact, Free Energy Options goes as far as helping you build your individual 1000-watt windmill and 200-watt solar powered generator for less $200 in materials. This is not only a great way to save green in your pocket book but will also help you stay green and minimize the energy waste that goes on in a majority of households.

Ease of Use

With the step-by-directions and colored illustrations provided in this guide, we guarantee that ANYONE can replicate these models and have their own individual solar and wind energy generators started without delay.

If you’re tired of fattening the pockets of energy giants and want to reduce your energy bills by as much as 80% each year, Free Energy Options is a guide you don’t want to overlook.

I could go into more detail about this guide but its best if you take Alan Hopkins up on his money back guarantee and buy his kit. If you do not find it useful get a refund but I highly doubt you will want one if you are truly serious about learning how to create your own DIY energy solution in your home.