Geothermal Energy – Clean Energy Option

Geothermal energy could become one of the best solutions to fight against climate change, together with other renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power. The advantage that geothermal power has over solar and wind power is the fact that geothermal energy is available 24/7, unlike wind or solar which suffer from intermittency issue, and are only available once wind is blowing and sun is shining.

Harnessing geothermal power is still connected with high initial costs, mostly because of very expensive drilling, and this is the main reason why geothermal power plants are still mostly located near the tectonic plates, where hot rocks are relatively close to surface.

Geothermal energy has huge potential but only 24 countries are currently using this renewable energy source, which means that geothermal share of the market could only grow in years to come.

In United States California leads the way in installed geothermal power capacity followed by Nevada, though in years to come Nevada will likely gain No.1 spot, because of many new geothermal projects that are already in the last phase of the approval.

In order for this renewable energy source to be able to compete on global energy market, it will have to decrease its costs because fossil fuels still remain cheaper option, and many people are still far from being ready to pay extra dollar for clean energy.

Still, many energy experts believe that geothermal sector will play one of the vital roles in clean energy revolution, and in years to come heat from the Earth could become one of the most important fuels in the world.