Is Solar Energy the Best Renewable Energy Option?

Our Sun is the most abundant source of energy on our planet so it is no surprise that many people see solar energy as the most important renewable energy source. The potential of solar energy is practically unlimited and less than one percent of this potential could supply all our global energy demand.

But still solar power represents less than 1% of world’s electricity. Way to little when you consider its vast potential. This is because solar panels and other technologies connected with solar power not only cost lot of money, but they also do not have desired efficiency meaning that they are still not competitive enough to challenge dominant fossil fuels.

Will this situation improve? Very likely so, but only in years to come wits significantly improved technologies that would make photovoltaic cells much more cheaper and much more efficient than they are today. There are many ongoing researches that search for this solution, and some of them looked quite promising, though every possible solution is still at least decades away from being implemented on commercial scale, and theory is of course not enough.

The good news are ever growing investments into this renewable energy sector, and in US alone by the 2020 solar power industry should add more than 200,000 new green jobs which will likely bring many benefits to US economy.

Developing renewable energy sources is not only the key to healthy and clean environment but also the only road towards energy security. Fossil fuels won’t last for eternity and once they are depleted world will need to come up with new solution. Renewables seem like a fairly logical choice.