Renewable Energy – Your Green Energy Options

You may not have realised but there are many ways in which you can cut your energy bills and generate green electricity from home. Read on to discover how you can now even get paid for being green.

As a homeowner there are now several established ways that you can make a difference by generating your own sustainable heat and electricity. Well discuss a few of the most popular options and show you how you can now cash in just by being more environmentally conscious.

You’ve probably heard about wind turbines and solar panels but may not realise there are more than just these methods of generating your own power at home. Generating your own power may conjure up images of greenies with their own home made solutions. These days there are many companies who can advise, supply and install custom solutions to suit your particular property and location. You can also take advantage of generous grants offered by the government to do so.

One system you may not have heard of before are ground source heat pumps. Essentially this works by taking the heat out of the ground and using it to heat your home. To do this a company will install cabling deep under your garden, under floor heating will be installed in your home along with a unit much like your home gas boiler.

This type of technology is best suited to new build homes but can be fitted to most any home. You can get a grant to install it and additionally get paid via the governments feed in tariff that will pay out for up to 25 years.

Solar power is another popular option where by photovoltaic solar panels are attached to your south facing roof. During the day they convert light into electricity to power your home. The benefit of this option is that they can be installed on most existing buildings and there are many companies in the UK who would be willing to supply, fit and install them for free.

If you are located in a suitable location you could have a small wind turbine installed. A wind turbine turns the wind into useable electrical power that you can use in your home. You do however have to have a suitable property and possibly planning permission to have one of these installed.

So there are many options that you can consider including ground source heat pumps to heat your home and solar or wind energy to provide electrical energy to use to power you home appliances. There are different options to suit different locations and budgets as well as a range of grants and tariffs available to help you to pay for it all.