The Greener Options – Solutions on the Run

Even Barack Obama is now focusing on green opportunities for sustaining business moving forward. Surely this is yet another sign that responsible businesses should be factoring into their daily routines?

Rising costs will inevitably force businesses to become more environmentally inclined, which will most definitely enhance the company’s overall image in the long term.

All across the board, changes are happening. There has even been a higher demand in eco friendly furniture in all sectors. Renewable raw materials and recycling materials used (paper, cartridges, solar power) are a very important criteria for a growing number of consumers and corporates alike.

We reckon that portable solutions too will lead to an increase in the marketplace, soon becoming the norm for all technically (or not) inclined individuals.

Some simple tips that you should already be applying both in your office and at home:

1.Save electricity wherever possible.
Obvious choice, but switch to solar power or other portable devices that primarily use rechargeable batteries. Portable power options can be used for charging your mobile phone, iPod, digital camera etc. With Eskom prices due to escalate soon this could lead to a double saving.

2.Office gadgets that offer easy and greener solutions.
Instead of using the straightforward elements in the office that guzzle power, be creative. One example could be rather than using your laptop to store phone numbers, use a simcard back up device. It does not require any power, is password protecting and can store hundreds of numbers. Plus, it puts an interesting edge on office devices as well as makes for an interesting topic of conversation!

3.Affordable corporate gifts.
Even with the economic downturn and with budgets being slashed, one way of keeping foremost in people’s minds is a little something that does not necessary break the bank but leaves a lasting impression.

4.Switch to CFL’s
Real simple but is everyone doing this? Change your bulbs now in order to save energy.

5.Switch off your water geyser.
Especially at home if you travel regularly. This is an easy way to immediately save electricity.